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By Pam Burns, Seniors Advocate/Outreach Supervisor, St Aidan's Society

In a young and typically family-focused community such as Fort McMurray, our older adult population is easily overlooked. Many children here are growing up without their grandparents, so exposure to those who are aging is sometimes very limited and many people don't understand what it is like to age.

St. Aidan's Society is a local non-profit that provides senior outreach services and works through an age-friendly lens. Part of this work is to bring awareness to aging and the importance of understanding and recognizing the value of those who have lived experience; those who are part of the community and have contributed in so many ways. St. Aidan's Society wanted to create this message and was fortunate enough to find a local company, Neville Video Productionswho shared our passion. It was through their willingness to partner with us at a very affordable rate that allowed us to make this video. Our other partners on this project were an amazing group of local older adults who assisted us with "How do you see aging?". 

We hope that it will bring awareness to all age groups, older adults included, that aging is not a problem. We encourage everyone to reshape their views on aging. "

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