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Dr. Gloria Gutman and the SFU Gerontology Research Centre are leading a new survey on COVID19.

"If you are age 55 or over and currently living in Canada you are invited to participate in a study about your experiences with COVID-19. It explores any pandemic-related stressors you may be experiencing, issues you are facing regarding healthcare, and any actions you have taken toward planning for future care. Information will be collected through a confidential online survey that will take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

We hope to recruit 1000 or more people from across Canada. We seek both people who have so far not contracted COVID-19 and those who have experienced it. We seek participants from the general population of people age 55+ and from three minority groups: people who self-identify as LGBT, South Asian, Chinese (Canada’s two largest visible minorities). All groups are important to hear from,  if we are to “get it right” in coping with pandemics like COVID-19 now and in future."

Take the survey: