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In November 2017, a group of students from North Surrey Secondary contacted CNPEA. They wished to learn more about the Network’s mission and wanted to make CNPEA the focus of a research project. The Youth and Philanthropy Initiative connects students to local charities, social issues, and philanthropy to foster social awareness, civic engagement and leadership skills amongst the younger generation.

Students are encouraged to pick a charity of their choice, to research their mission and activities, and to create a final presentation around it. The different charities represented are then up for a $5,000 grant. The four students who chose CNPEA, Mumal Dhillon, Ceili Webber, Sabrina Nguyen and Rebecca Rowlands, showed great interest and care for the issue of elder abuse and for the work we do. They produced a very dynamic and well-rounded presentation.

We are so proud and appreciative of Mumal’s, Ceili’s, Sabrina’s and Rebecca’s work. We’re even happier to report that some of them have now become our youngest recorded CNPEA members! There is no age limit for understanding the dynamics of ageism and abuse, or how one can help!  Thank you YPI, Mumal, Ceili, Sabrina and Rebecca!


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