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practicalguidetoelderabuse coverscreenshot"This Guide contains an overview of elder abuse and neglect law in Canada. Although this guide may be helpful to anyone interested in this area of law, the Canadian Centre for Elder Law (CCEL) (CCEL) produced this elder abuse legal resource to assist the following agencies to produce educational materials of relevance to their members:

This tool has been designed to apply to abuse and neglect occurring anywhere in Canada.  Each province and territory has a unique set of laws that apply to elder abuse.  See Section D for a summary of the laws in the province or territory in which you work or volunteer.

The following material will: Introduce the concept of elder abuse; Provide a summary of key laws relevant to elder abuse and neglect; Identify obligations to respond to abuse, neglect and risk; Identify key agencies to contact if you are concerned that an older adult is being abused or neglected; Outline the relationship between mental capacity and the law in relation to elder abuse; Discuss the impact of professional confidentiality obligations and privacy law on the ability of professionals to disclose an older adult’s confidential information in order to follow up on concerns regarding abuse and neglect; and Provide a list of resources."

Source: Canadian Centre for Elder Law