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CNPEA Webinars:
Addressing Elder Abuse Through Partnership between Family Services and Police Services (Oct 20, 2016) 

Intimate Partner Violence and Older Women (Feb 26, 2017)

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Supporting Older Adults to Create A Safety Plan (Ont)
Elder Abuse Ontario Presents: Domestic Violence and Older Adults (Ont)
Promising Practices Across Canada for Housing Women who are Older and Fleeing Abuse (BC)

New Report: Family violence against seniors

 - Finances and Families: Financial Abuse of Elders in the Family Environment 

Respect Aging (NFL) 

Femicide of Women Who are Older (Ont)

Making Changes: A Book for Women in Abusive Relationships (8th Edition) (NS)

Building Community Bridges: Outreach to Older Women Project (BC)

Yellowknife Interagency Family Violence and Abuse Protocol (YK)

Adult Victims of Abuse Protocols by the Government of New Brunswick (NB)

Domestic Violence Handbook for Police Services and Crown Prosecutors in Alberta (AB)

Legal Toolkit: General Information About Legal Issues and Court Matters in British Columbia (BC)

Integrated Police Response for Abused Seniors [IPRAS] (Quebec):
Practice Guidelines for implementing the model           
Online Toolkit          
 - The Practice of Intersectoral Teamwork between a Police Officer and a Practitioner from the Public or Non-Profit Health and Social Services Network - Practice Guide

Bridging Aging and Women Abuse: A resource for service providers working with older women experiencing abuse (Ont)

Working with Older Survivors of Abuse: A framework for advocates (International)

Promising Practices for Women Across Canada Who are Older and Fleeing Abuse (BC)

Safety Planning for Older Adults - Keeping Safe in Unhealthy Relationships Toolkit for service providers (Ont)

Respect Aging - Trainer's Guide (NFL)

- The Chief Public Health Officer’s Report on the State of Public Health in Canada 2016: A focus on Family Violence in Canada

I Want to Be Free - Older Women’s Right to Live Independently with Dignity (Ont - BC - Yukon)

Domestic Violence Prevention and Reduction in British Columbia (2000-2010) (BC)

Family Violence in Canada - A Statistical Profile (2013)

The National Survey on the Mistreatment of Older Canadians, A Prevalence Study (2012-2015)

Family Violence Among Older Adult Patients Consulting in Primary Care Clinics: Results From the ESA (Enquête sur la santé des aînés) Services Study on Mental Health and Aging (QC)

“What Will It Take?” (NWT)

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