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owdp report phase 2We are not all the Same: Key Law, Policy and Practice Strategies
for Improving the Lives of Older Women in the Lower Mainland

"Gender has a significant impact on life experience. This dynamic does not disappear as we age. In spite of this reality, research and policy analysis often renders older women invisible: feminist inquiry tends to focus on girls and women of child-bearing age; gender-neutral aging policy concentrates on the experiences of men.
The Older Women’s Dialogue Project (OWDP) was born out of a desire to document barriers to the well-being of older women. The goal of this work is to enhance capacity to further law, policy and practice reform aimed at improving older women’s lives. To further this work, we developed a collaboration with the West Coast Legal Education and Action Fund (West Coast LEAF), bringing together our respective expertise in working with women and older adults. Fundamental to the OWDP is the principle that women are experts in their own lives. Therefore, we gathered information on the impact of law and policy by holding focus groups with older women and asking them to identify barriers to their well-being."

Source: Canadian Centre for Elder Law