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senioraware screenshot"The Senior Aware program is a tool to sensitize seniors, professionals and the general public to the abuse and fraud to which seniors may be subjected. Through information sessions, police officers, professionals and senior volunteers provide a complete portrait of the kinds of abuse and fraud that affect seniors in particular, as well as advice to help prevent them.

The Senior Aware program is the result of a cooperative effort of three organizations directly involved with seniors and the prevention of fraud and abuse. The Réseau FADOQ, the Sûreté du Québec and the University-affiliated Centre of social gerontology of West-Central Montreal Health have combined their expertise to offer senior citizens information sessions that provide targeted audiences with a wide range of practical advice.

FADOQ, Sûreté du Québec and University-affiliated centre of social gerontology of West-Central Montreal Health have put together a Provincial Advisory Committee composed of experts against Fraud and Abuse in order to complement and enrich the content of the various tools of the Program.

Source: Fadoq - Senior-Aware - Prevent Abuse and Fraud