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BC CRN Toolkit"The Community Response Network Tool Kit was first published in the Fall of 2001; that version of the Tool Kit may be found under "Older Documents". The Tool Kit was republished in 2015.This Tool Kit is comprised of eight chapters; it can be read from beginning to end, and we hope you will read all of it at some point, but it can also be read in any way that meets your needs. The first 3 chapters, though, are very important and will lay the foundation for a healthy start. This is an update of the original Community Response Network Toolkit published in the 1990s by the Public Guardian and Trustee of BC. Since that time, we have learned and developed a great deal of information that may be helpful to you in your CRN work. The original CRN Toolkit was a much lengthier document. We have reduced the content but have provided links throughout for people to seek further detail on a number of topics. If you want more information, click on the embedded links. Use them or explore the BC CRN website or other sources for what you need."

Source: BC Association of Community Response Networks