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cover engagingwomenpromisingpractices"Engaging Older Women in your Community is a promising practices tool developed as an outcome of the Older Women’s Dialogue Project (OWDP). The publication is intended to support your agency to anticipate and address structural barriers to the participation of older women in community initiatives aimed at legal and policy change. We include key questions to explore, tips for enhancing organizational capacity to include older women, and examples from our experience throughout the OWDP. All of the ideas contained in this resource reflect what we learned through our work with older women living in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. The quotations are the words of older women who shared their experiences with us. (...)
This guide identifies strategies for engaging older women in meaningful, older womenled volunteering as a method to combat systemic inequalities against older women, and support the leadership potential of older women. The guide will be useful to staff working in the women’s sector, seniors sector, and volunteer organizations, and also to practitioners working in research, community development, program development, policy, and law reform, and in general, for anyone working with older women in Canada."

Source: Canadian Centre for Elder Law