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screen shot 2020 01 15 at 2.07.36 pm''Canada’s aging population has highlighted gaps in service provision, particularly to those experiencing homelessness. There is little to no documentation or research that has been conducted on older adults experiencing homelessness and their knowledge and/or experiences of long-term care. This research project offers insight into the knowledge of older adults residing in emergency shelter and their knowledge of long-term care in London, ON. Semi-structured qualitative interviews were conducted with three participants over the age of fifty. While research was conducted on a small scale, initial findings offer insight into where there are gaps in knowledge about long-term care in homeless populations.''

Source: Skanes, Chelsea. (2019). Navigating the System: Older Adult Perceptions on Emergency Shelter and Long-Term Care in London, Ontario. Gerontology Inter-Professional Practice Capstone Project. Fanshawe College.

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