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nb protocols adultvictimofabuse"The purpose of these protocols is to ensure that all efforts of the Government of New Brunswick to protect adult victims of abuse and neglect are effective and sensitive to their needs. Due to the number of factors involved, no one group can resolve the issue in isolation. A cooperative effort is essential. Therefore, various departments worked together to update these protocols, following consultations with a variety of key external organizations and agencies.

We endorse these Adult Victims of Abuse Protocols and consider it essential that all professionals who operate under the authority of the Departments of Family and Community Services, Health and Wellness, Justice, Public Safety, and Training and Employment Development adopt them as an integral part of their regular operations. As well, it is anticipated that individuals, organizations and professionals who have not been specifically identified in these protocols may, from time to time, be sought out to assist adult victims and the protocols will assist them as well."

Source: Government of New Brunswick