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cover ageforwardcities''By 2030, about three out of every five people across the globe will live in cities, and older adults will generate over half of all urban consumption growth in developed countries. Artificial intelligence, robotics, and automation will displace millions of workers at a time when an increasing number of older adults need and want to remain in jobs longer. . Caregiving needs and a shortage of direct care workers will challenge communities across the world. Climate change will elevate the risks of natural disasters that disproportionately threaten older populations.

The United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development seeks to define new goals for people, the planet, and prosperity, and the World Health Organization (WHO) declared this the “Decade of Healthy Ageing.”

Against this backdrop, Age-Forward2030 challenges cities and communities to prepare for a new era of economic growth, inclusion, and resiliency. It seeks to meet city leaders where they are today and implores them to focus on the realities of tomorrow. It is a call to action to create a better future for all residents, investing in solutions that deploy the human and social capital of older adults as community assets, change agents, and co-creators.

Our goals? We seek to highlight new ideas and best practices and to galvanize conversation and action to promote shared prosperity. We want to be a resource to those building cities and communities that are vibrant, inclusive places to live for all ages. We hope that Age-Forward2030 will inspire action and change.''

Source: Milken Institute - Center for the Future of Aging