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famvioelnceamongolderadultspatientsprimarycareMichel Préville, PhD ; Samia Djemaa Mechakra-Tahiri, PhD ; Helen-Maria Vasiliadis, MSc, PhD ; Véronique Mathieu, DESS (PhD Candidate) ; Louise Quesnel, MD ; Samantha Gontijo-Guerra, MD, MSc ; Catherine Lamoureux-Lamarche, BSc ; Djamal Berbiche, PhD 

"Family violence is a major public health problem, with important physical and mental health consequences for the victims. In Canada, since 1980, it is a crime.1 Family violence in the elderly is also an important problem because of its association with psychological distress,2,3 an increased use of health services4 and a high risk of mortality.5,6 However, few studies have also considered the issue among older women and men.3,7–16 The prevalence of family violence in older adults varies from one study to another. These inconsistencies may be related to differences in the sociocultural context of the populations studied or to methodological differences regarding the definition and measurement of family violence,3,17–20 which make it difficult to interpret results.4

Clinical Implications


Source: Canadian Journal of Psychiatry