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The following resource is part of the Family Violence Initiative, funded by the RCMP. Find similar tools by searching for the FVIF tag or consult the list of available resources.

Screen Shot 2015 11 24 at 12.25.03 PMA Guide to Establishing Support Groups at Seniors Independently Housing Facilities

"This guidebook is the culmination of a twelve month project by the BC Centre for Elder Advocacy and Support (BCCEAS). The Building Community Bridges: Outreach to Older Women Project was funded by the 2011 Domestic Violence Prevention Response Fund of the Victim Service & Crime Prevention Division, Ministry of Justice, Province of British Columbia. The project was designed to address an unmet need by facilitating the development of support systems for older adult women who may be victims of domestic violence and other forms of abuse. Older adults who have experienced domestic violence and abuse are often isolated and unwilling to disclose abuse to professionals or their peers. The aim of the project was to connect older adult women with their peers in a comfortable and familiar environment in order to break down social isolation and increase the likelihood that they would be able to access the justice system." 

Source: BC Centre for Elder Advocacy and Support