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silent and invisibleA Handbook for Service Providers on Working with Abused Older Women in British Columbia and Yukon


"Spousal abuse of women over fifty is often relegated by academics and administrators into the all-enveloping category of Elder Abuse rather than understood as being part and parcel of the whole spectrum of violence against women and their children. Some of the challenges faced by service providers are not new. They are the old challenges newly recognized by an ageing generation.Contributing to the lack of knowledge and understanding for service providers on the issue of detecting violence and abuse of older women versus elder abuse is the reluctance of women to disclose, coupled with the expectation that older people are expected to decline in their later years."

Jill Hightower and M.J. (Greta) Smith

Source: B.C./Yukon Society of Transition Houses, 2005 (now B.C. Society of Transition Houses)