Thursday, April 23, 2020
10 AM Pacific time / 1 PM Eastern Time



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Minimal research has been conducted on reporting of abuse of older adults, and this is especially true in the Prairie Provinces (Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta).

In this presentation, Dr. Kerstin Roger and her research team will present preliminary findings from a tri-provincial study begun in 2019. This research involves semi-structured interviews with older adults about their experiences with reporting abuse, as well as with service provider experiences working with older adults who have experienced abuse.

As well, preliminary work on an environmental scan on public discourse and media in the three provinces on abuse of older adults, and quantitative data collected from three community based organizations serving older adults, will be reviewed.

This presentation will identify key aspects regarding the reasons for and context of underreporting in the cases of neglect and abuse of older adults and provide recommendations for enhancing disclosures among older adults experiencing abuse.

This webinar will be of interest to audiences who wish to learn the complicated nature of underreporting and in the hopes of improving services for vulnerable older adults in the Prairies.

Acknowledgment: PrairieAction Foundation; Research Assistants (Marina Cewick, Labe Songese, Kali Grainger, Carla Liepert); Community Partners and Advisory Committee (SCOA, Kerby Centre, A &O) research and participants.

Lead/Team: Dr. Kerstin Roger, Dr. Christine A. Walsh, Dr. Donna Goodridge, Michelle Ranville.


kroger profilepic croppedKerstin Roger, PhD, Professor, Department of Community Health Sciences, Max Rady College of Medicine, Rady Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Manitoba. Research focuses on aging and the family, abuse of older adults, including mental wellness and caregiving, and how these interface with health care and a wide range of chronic illnesses. Dr. Roger has been a Principal Investigator on multi-site nationally funded research (e.g. PHAC, SSHRC, Movember, federal government), as well as conducting provincial and regionally funded research. She has worked on international collaborations, local not-for-profit community initiatives, and continues to co-author and engage graduate students in her research.