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We connect people and organizations, foster the exchange of reliable information, and advance program and policy development on issues related to preventing the abuse of older adults. We do this work at the local, regional, provincial/territorial, and national levels.


We envision and work toward a Canadian society where older adults are valued, respected, and live free from abuse.

We strive to be the Canadian leader in our field—sharing information and coordinating resources for the prevention of elder abuse.

Values and Principles

Collaboration and Coordination – We foster the exchange of reliable information and advances program and policy development across Canada and at the national level on issues related to the prevention of abuse of older adults.

Respect and Inclusivity – Our work is grounded in a fundamental respect for older people and their rights and choices. We strive to recognize regional differences, cultural diversity and peoples’ abilities.

Leadership and Communication – We provide the vision, expertise, and opportunities for knowledge sharing that will build the capacity of Canadian society to respond to and prevent the abuse of older adults. We provide a national perspective on issues related to ageism and abuse of older adults. Our leadership is informed by and responsive to our membership.

Credibility and Accountability – Through the engagement of pan Canadian experts and researchers, we will strive to disseminate evidence-based information and promising approaches to inform program and policy development. We are accountable to our members, users, funders, and sponsors through various reporting and communications strategies including our Annual General Meeting and Annual Report.

Innovation – We embrace new and creative approaches.

Our Structure

The network is led by a pan Canadian board of directors who each bring their passion and varied expertise. The network has a membership of individuals andorganizations from across Canada who come from all walks of life and who care about older adults and the prevention of harm in later life.
Becoming a member

CNPEA is a registered charity with Canada Revenue Agency 
Charitable Registration Number: 866840523 RR0001


Thank You to Our Supporters and Sponsors

Le RCPMTA souhaite remercier les généreux sponsors qui contribuent à la durabilité du connecteur des savoirs.