Dr. Mark Yaffe is a Tenured Professor of Family Medicine with the Dept. of Family Medicine, St. Mary's Hospital Centre, McGill University. He is a former member of the Board of CNPEA and has researched aspects of family caregiving for over 40 years, and elder abuse for 20 of them. More than half of his over 100 journal articles and book chapters have addressed these two often inter-related topics. He has taught about elder mistreatment to medical undergraduate and post-graduate trainees, and community clinicians, and given invited lectures on it in seven countries. In 2022 Dr. Yaffe was a co-author of a Position Paper on Elder Abuse for the Quebec Geriatric Society.

His research interests include: (1) Family Caregiving: (a) the impact of caregiving on lifespan developmental tasks; (b) aspects of caregiving for those with depression, stroke, and other illnesses; (c) interface between family physicians and family caregivers, and factors that impact on such encounters; (d) methods to teach caregiver issues to families, and to medical trainees; (2) Elder Abuse: (a) development of tools to detect it (EASI, EASI-sa, EASI-leo, EASI-ltc); (b) roles of health professionals in identifying mistreatment of seniors; (c) Elder abuse knowledge translation; see the Elder Abuse Suspicion Index website for details about these tools, and a list of Dr. Yaffe's publications on his elder abuse research: www.mcgill.ca/familymed/research/projects/elder (3) Depression: (a) detection and management of depression in the adult population; (b) collaborative care in depression diagnosis and treatment; (c) defining and measuring the experience of collaborative care in depression management; (4) Patient Self-care: Depression and / or Chronic Physical Illness.

Website: McGill University


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