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Protect Your Money (free webinar)
March 25, 2019
11:00am - 12:00pm Eastern Time

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This webinar will help service providers working with older adults at risk of financial abuse

  • Evidence: What is known about financial abuse?
  • Defining and conceptualizing financial abuse: What is the financial abuse of older adults?
  • Complexity: Social isolation, cognitive challenges, interdependence and undue influence
  • Financial Fraud: What are some common frauds and scams?
  • Action: How to recognize the warning signs.
  • Intervention: what you can do about elder abuse, who to contact, and where to find resources.

Christine Allum, Senior Advisor, Investor Engagement and Stakeholder Partnerships, Ontario Securities Commission (OSC)
Christine Chan, Regional Consultant, Elder Abuse Ontario (EAO)



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