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How to Report Fraud

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  • Get Cyber Safe
    Get Cyber Safe is a public awareness campaign created to inform Canadians about cyber security and the simple steps they can take to protect themselves online. Your online accounts hold a lot of personal data. Make sure that information stays safe with these security tips:

  • CAFC Bulletins
    Sign up for bulletins, to stay aware of fraud trends and media releases from the CAFC. Email  to get added to their mailing list.

  • Crypto 101
    - Ontario Security Commission:To learn more about all things Crypto, visit
    - OCryptoCanada: 
    Choosing a crypto exchange in Canada can be complicated. This site provides a list of the best cryptocurrency exchanges available for Canadians.
  • Credit Checks:
    Equifax and TransUnion - Request a copy of your credit report and then review it carefully to see if anyone opened any accounts or incurred debt in your name. You can also ask to put an alert on your credit report in case future scam attempts are made under your name.

    Equifax : 1-800-465-7166 or
    TransUnion : 1-800-663-9980 or


March is Fraud Prevention Month. 
The theme for this 19th edition of Fraud Prevention Month is "Tricks of the trade: What's in a fraudster's toolbox?". 

Education and awareness are the strongest line of defense against scams and fraud. Join CNPEA, EAPO and presenters from the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) for an informative educational event about the latest frauds and scams targeting seniors and how to avoid them. Participants will be introduced to different examples, scams and tactics that older Ontarians are encountering. This event is open to all but will be of particular interest for older people, their families, and professionals who work with older adults.

Detective Constable John Armit of the Economic Crimes and Corruption Unit (ECCU - Ottawa), Anti-Rackets Branch (ARB), and Constables Erin Fraser and Lisa Cruz from the Crime Prevention - Serious Fraud Office, OPP, will share prevention tips to recognize, reject and report fraud and will provide participants will links to additional resources and supports. 



dcst. john armit arb Detective Constable John Armit

Economic Crimes and Corruption Unit (ECCU - Ottawa) Detective Constable | Anti-Rackets Branch (ARB), OPP
Detective Constable John Armit has been a member of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) for 22 years.  John has worked in general investigative duties, major crime, traffic services and as a Community Service & Media Officer.  In 2015, John began working in his current position with the OPP’s Anti-Rackets Branch (ARB), investigating economic crimes and political corruption.  In May 2021, John began an 18-month secondment with the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (CAFC) as a Detective Sergeant working as a law enforcement Liaison Officer nationally and internationally.


erinfraser lisacruzConstable Erin Fraser
Constable Lisa Cruz
Crime Prevention, Serious Fraud Office, OPP

Crime Prevention, Serious Fraud Office, OPP
Constables Lisa Cruz and Erin Fraser make up the Crime Prevention team at the Serious Fraud Office.  These officers work to support SFO investigations, assist victims and work with policing, private and public partners in the fight against fraud.  The team strives to educate and empower citizens against fraud and prevent victimization.