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The CNPEA is pleased to collaborate with i2i Intergenerational Society, the BC Association of Community Response Networks (BCCRN) and CHNET-Works! at the University of Ottawa on this new webinar.

Audio recording coming soon.


Thursday, April 28, 2016
1pm-2pm EDT

For decades, governments, non-profits, community health and education advocates have worked from two different camps to alleviate bullying of youth and abuse of older adults.
This webinar will assist you in understanding reasons for, and ways to bring, those two generational camps together, simply and cost effectively, for maximum impact on their shared area of concern.
The team will present a brief background of this work, 2 exemplary projects, and introduce four free resources to guide your interest. There will be a Q & A in which we heartily invite you to take part.

The presentation will be in English.
PowerPoint slides will be available in English and French.

Who should attend 
Educators, community networkers, senior-serving organizations, elder abuse prevention stakeholders, youth workers, and anyone interested in building community.

Advisors on tap

Screen Shot 2015 03 06 at 10.12.40 AMSherry Baker, MA, BHE, Dipl. BAdmin. (FVU), Executive Director BCCRNs, Director CNPEA – British Columbia
Sherry Baker has been the Executive Director of the BC Association of Community Response Networks since July 2010. Over the years she was actively involved with a number of key organizations in British Columbia that focus on abuse, safety or justice matters: Ishtar Transition Housing Society and Aldergrove Neighbourhood Services (past Executive Director and board member) , BC Centre for Elder Advocacy and Support and South Fraser Family Court and Youth Justice Committee (Past Chair), Minerva Foundation for B.C. Women (founding Board Member)




SharonMcKenzieSharon MacKenzie, BA, MEd, Executive Director i2i Intergenerational Society, Director CNPEA – British Columbia.
Sharon, Prim/Sec/University teacher, is national advocate for building strong intergenerational relations. Her 35 years of on-the-ground research has shown that respectful and purposeful intergenerational relations improve health and education, prevent mistreatment of all ages, and build more resilient all-age-friendly communities.
Founder and Executive Director of i2i Intergenerational Society (2008), she is researcher/writer of four government-funded intergenerational resources. Her organization initiated nationally celebrated Intergenerational Day Canada June 1st (2010), in support of WEAAD.
Sharon is founder of the world-renowned Meadows School Intergenerational Immersion Project (2000-08). Her work has been recognized for its innovation by the BC Premier’s Award (2009), Rotary (2009), IFA/WHO (2013) and in peer-reviewed journals.
Grandmother of 5-under-5, Sharon considers this her greatest intergenerational project.


KeriAlbertKeri Albert
Keri Albert is the lead teacher of the iGen Intergenerational Classroom at Sherbrooke Community Centre in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Keri loves people and building relationships and the iGen project was a perfect way to weave an innovative classroom experience with community building in long term care. Keri is a classroom teacher with 19 wonderful years experience in Kindergarten through grade 8 classrooms in Saskatchewan. She was part of two art projects at Sherbrooke Community Centre with her students in 2008-2010 where she was inspired by the Elders who told their stories through painting and drawing. While completing her MEd in 2013, she returned to Sherbrooke to initiate an intergenerational classroom proposal. Sherbrooke's long history with Elders and students working together and a powerful partnership with Saskatoon Public Schools allowed the Intergenerational classroom proposal to be accepted. In September 2015, iGen was launched with 20 students accepted into the program. iGen is changing lives by bringing variety, spontaneity, and excitement into the lives of children and Elders alike. Keri is continuing to teach, develop, and lead the iGen program in its second year, 2015-2016, with a world-changing class of grade six students.

How to register:
Visit http://www.chnet-works.ca/

1. Create a login account if you don’t have one 
2. Login and click on Intergenerational Solutions To Elder Abuse: Kids And Seniors Work It Out
3. Click: register; Click to confirm 
Registrants are provided with access instructions via email. 
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