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CNPEA is very excited to introduce Linda Sullivan, our new Project Manager for the STOP-GBV project (Stopping Older Person Gender Based Violence in Women 55 years of age and older Through Promising Practices). We asked Linda to introduce herself and share some her past experience and passions. 

I hlinda sullivan profile picave had the pleasure of living most of my life in central Ontario, surrounded by the breathtakingly beautiful boreal forest, ancient rocks, and an abundance of awe-inspiring wildlife. I have two passions: my gardens and my companion Pionus parrots Keito (18) and Abby (almost 30). I absolutely love plants, so much so that I live by the motto “there’s always room for just one more”! My favourite flowers are peonies, particularly the double pink and red varieties. I eagerly anticipate the arrival of spring each year as late spring brings the stately and trustworthy re-emergence of glorious peony flowers throughout the garden. 

My career began in health planning and policy development in what was then the district health council system in Ontario in the early 90’s. Planning portfolios included long term care, community support services, mental health and addictions, and women’s health. From those early days I took on new opportunities over the last 25 plus years at the regional, provincial and national level that included working with healthcare professionals and frontline staff, seniors and caregivers, social services providers, educators, community developers, and Indigenous communities in the areas of health services planning, program development, health transformation, northern animal medicine programming, Indigenous education, and child welfare.

Seniors have always held a special place in my heart, career, and volunteer activities. I strongly believe that seniors’ voices have been muted by many in Canadian society, especially governments by way of their inaction and often avoidance in dealing with the myriad of health, emotional, social, personal safety and financial issues that impact Canadian seniors daily. Violence against older women in particular is a reality in the lives of far too many. I am honoured to be joining a passionate team working to build a violence-free society where older women can live safe, self-fulfilling lives in all spaces across Canada.

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This project is funded by Women and Gender Equality Canada.

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