Margaret has many years of experience in the financial services industry with banks, trust companies and credit unions.  She also has two undergraduate degrees, two Master’s (Liberal Studies and Gerontology) and is currently pursuing her PhD exploring how gerontology and the humanities can help to sustain personhood as we age.

She is also actively involved in training on aging issues.  Her company, The Meridian Aging Project, offers a wide range of courses on issues related to aging, she has prepared online courses on aging for the business community with WeGuideU, and recently taught The Psychology of Adult Development and Aging at the University of Calgary. 

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Allison Jones is the Generations Coordinator at QMUNITY, BC’s Queer Resource Centre. Working with lesbian, gay, bi and trans seniors is satisfying because seniors are comfortable with who they are, even if society has not always accepted them. Generations delivers an exciting and innovative approach to age specific service delivery, education and community development for older adults.
For more information please contact Allison at  or 604-684-8449 

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Deborah has been a registered nurse since graduating from Ryerson University in 1997, with many years in the emergency department.  Prior to becoming a registered nurse, Deborah worked as an executive assistant in the financial sector. She enjoys learning and has taken various courses throughout her working career from flower arranging and yoga, to business administration and nursing, and is now pursuing her Masters in Public Health, with a specialty in gerontology. She is currently doing her practicum with CNPEA.  Deborah firmly believes that education enables us to continue to grow, both personally and professionally, and enjoys interacting with others to gain different perspectives, both in a learning and working environment.


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