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inr bccrn''Community presenters work with local Community Response Networks (CRNs) to deliver public presentations and workshops.  BCCRN welcomes members from the general public to become It's Not Right community presenters. Individuals must first complete training, and be certified by BC CRN before any presentations are conducted.

The purpose of this Guide to provide an overview of

  • The tasks required to plan, organize, and administer an It’s Not Right! presentation.
  • The tasks required to follow-up with the BC CRN once the presentation is complete

How to Use this Guide 

  • If you are new to the It’s Not Right! program, and new to conducting presentations, we recommend reviewing this guide cover to cover to understand what needs to be done before, during, and after the presentation takes place.
  • If you are already familiar with It’s Not Right!, please scan the document for new content, and use this guide as a refresher to reorient yourself to the presentation requirements. Who this Guide is For CRN Coordinators. Regional Mentors. It’s Not Right! Community Presenters.''

    Source: BCCRNs
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"Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) older adults are more likely to age alone, with limited support, and in a stigmatizing environment where they are often poorly served by traditional social services and hesitant to avail themselves of the same. The result is poorer overall health, with an associated reduced preparedness for end-of-life. This project aims to redress these disparities by conducting focus groups in five regions of Canada (Maritimes, Quebec, Ontario, the Prairies and West Coast) with LGBT older adults as well as service providers, followed by community town hall meetings for both reciprocal knowledge transfer and community development.

These data gathering and community-enhancing efforts will culminate in a pilot online website tailored to the unique experiences and needs of LGBT older adults, fostering dialog, knowledge exchange and document preparation, connecting individuals to appropriate resources and creating/nurturing community. In addition to the benefits accrued to LGBT older adults as a result of this project, networks of community organizations, universities and provincial agencies will be developed leading to further research and practice with potential benefits for all Canadians."


Canadian Frailty Network
September 7, 2016

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pgt in canada

A presentation by  Saara L. Chetner
Counsel, Ontario Public Guardian and Trustee
CBA National Elder Law Conference 2013
Elder Law Boot Camp

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The Power of Attorney Podcast"The Power of Attorney Project is a two year technology-based project that brings together a wide variety of experts from various industries and disciplines to educate adult children and seniors about Power of Attorney issues. In our Podcast series, legal, financial and social service experts share their knowledge and give individuals and families an opportunity to have their questions addressed, increase their understanding and develop skills and strategies to help them deal with some of the complex and difficult issues of aging."

Source: Caregiving Matters


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BC CEAS"These materials were developed by the BC Centre for Elder Advocacy and Support in partnership with the Canadian Centre for Elder Law. The BC Centre for Elder Advocacy and Support provided overall management and direction for this project. This toolkit includes all the necessary components for local community agencies to create a volunteer-driven seniors program enabling seniors to reach out to other seniors about elder abuse." This toolkit is comprised of the following:Starting a Seniors Reaching Out to Seniors Workshop Program: A Toolkit for Local Agencies (Project Report: Summary, Methodology & Outcomes)Protect Yourself! Financial Literacy Workshop for Older Adults  Train-the-Trainer Guide (including accompanying PowerPoints)  Workshop Facilitator Guide  Protect Yourself! Module 1 PowerPoint Presentation  Protect Yourself! Module 2 PowerPoint Presentation | Building Community Connections Workshop for Older Adults  Train-the-Trainer Guide (including accompanying PowerPoints)  Workshop Facilitator Guide  Building Community Connections PowerPoint Presentation  Finding a Future for Ellen DVD"


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