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 WEAAD celebrates its 15th anniversary! 

CNPEA and Elder Abuse Prevention Ontario invite you to join us as we mark this milestone day. This year's theme is  

Uproot Elder Abuse, Plant a Seed for Change
inspired by WEAAD founder Elizabeth Podnieks. 

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Since WEAAD’s inception, communities across the globe have used the day to raise the visibility of elder abuse by sharing information and promoting resources and services that increase seniors’ safety and well-being.

The current pandemic may have disrupted our way of life and altered WEAAD plans, but here’s something we can all do safely in our own homes: plant something in our gardens and on our window sills. Make it a neighbourhood planting ceremony, or a family activity, by using a video call or hosting a Zoom gardening session! Trees and plants have a healing quality that positively affect us, our communities, and our world. 

On June 15, join us on social media to share our campaign #UprootAbuse and your gardening pictures/videos with us. A safe, fun, and intergenerational activity to engage in together to help plant the seed for change! 

We also chose to plant trees and seedlings this year to symbolize the connection between older adults and the planet we all dwell on. Environmental crises are directly connected to increased vulnerability and to the violation of older people’s human rights. In times of disasters, older adults are often among the most vulnerable populations, facing ageist attitudes and policies, and a lack of access to suitable resources and services. 

On June 15, 2020, let’s recognize World Elder Abuse Awareness Day with renewed conviction and energy, to uproot elder abuse and plant a seed for change.


We need you to spread the word. In the next few weeks, and particularly on June 15, EAPO and CNPEA will post messages on our respective social media channels. 

You can support us by 

  • Sharing/retweeting EAO's and CNPEA's updates and tweets.

  • Telling your contacts and followers why you support the campaign #UprootElderAbuse and invite them to support it too.

  • On June 15, plant a seedling or a flower, take a photo/video and post it to social media (tag CNPEA and Elder Abuse Prevention Ontario so we can see them and share them), use the hashtag #UprootElderAbuse. You can also write a message to express your commitment to bring about change for the care, support, and well-being of older adults. Individual actions matter, how will you contribute to uproot elder abuse?

  • Tag friends, families and colleagues, get them in on the action!

New to online WEAAD events? To make your life easier, we created:

  • a social media sheet. It contains tips to support this campaign, as well as message templates that you can simply copy and paste. Just remember to use the hashtags #UprootElderAbuse and #WEAAD2020. 
  • social media cards: visuals that you can download and share
  • A set of logos in various formats. 




Check out our 2020 Social Media Tip Sheet to help you craft your messages and join the #UprootElderAbuse campaign. 



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Thank You to Our Supporters and Sponsors

CNPEA would like to thank our generous sponsors who contribute to the sustainability of our knowledge-sharing hub

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